We introduced the #TWNLoyaltyScheme early in 2022 to connect on a deeper level with our global community of creatives with a passion for dance, poetry, singing, food, wellness, world music, fashion, travel, fitness, and DIY.

By creating inclusive forums for holistic growth and peer to peer support we hope we can improve the lives of members of our global community. Our mission is to invest in talent and unleash the power of creativity to empower and improve lives.

Join Us

Signing up to the TWN Loyalty Scheme is quick and easy! Interested parties simply need to fill out the new joiner form below to provide personal information and contact details including name, location, birth month, and email.

Joining is an exciting way to connect with likeminded people around the world with a passion for shared experiences. We regularly organise interactive dance, poetry and singing contests to celebrate what makes us different.

As a new joiner you receive a stylish photo pass and a unique identifier for correspondence purposes with immediate access to our contests much more including:
  • TWN Draws
  • Notifications of upcoming TWN releases
  • Interactive and fun, quizzes, contests and draws
  • Competition closure reminders
  • Birthday shout outs
  • Renewal notices

New Joiner Form

How It Works

All photo cards are sent within 48 hours of signing up to the scheme. We send email or social media messages depending on your preference to boost your experience with us!

Membership to TWN Loyalty Scheme is subject to yearly renewals. But don’t worry, we send email reminders to all members so you don’t forget!

Participating In Our Contests
As a member you’ll be notified of upcoming contests. If you decide to participate you will be allowed 2 submissions per contest! Simply quote your unique identifier found on your TWN Challenge Pass on your submissions!