The Power Of Choice

Sponsorships at TWN are a great way to associate your brand with our most popular online series and global competitions.

It is an attractive option because it makes your products and services easily recognisable and directly integrates you into the social bloodstream and consciousness of our audiences.

Why Sponsorships?

We endorse your brand, create awareness, increase receptiveness, offer prime advertising and opportunities for direct engagement so that you control your outcomes. Ours are tiered, scalable and flexible solutions with options to associate with a programme, entire channel or part of a series. Tiers are budget friendly and give you greater control over your outcomes, with exciting opportunities to connect with your ideal customer profiles on a consistent basis.

You could partner with a channel like TWN Challenge, associate with of an entire affinity category like our Dancers, Singers or Poets, or even a series or specific contest or series within your preferred affinity group, like the TWN Performer or TWN Poets contests for dancers and poets respectively.

Our Channels

The Worldwide Network operates multiple channels to boost user experience and to give even more value to our community. We leverage the power of our social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) to engage and grow our global brand.

TWN Challenge (Channel 1) is a dedicated platform for the performing arts and targets dancers, singers, and spoken word artists. TWN Lifestyle (Channel 2) is a platform for shared perspectives and experiences for foodies, DIYers, Fashionistas, Talk Show Lovers, Fitness Buffs, Environmentalists, Wellness, Travel and World music fans.

With regular viewers from over 20 countries including some of the world’s leading markets India, US, Nigeria  and UK, we connect your brand to millions around the world through engaging, informative and entertaining content aired across our media channels so it’s consistent, easily digestible and aligned to modern viewing trends

Performing Arts


Connect With Your Ideal Customer Profiles

We help your  business target better, connect and engage on a deeper level with your preferred affinity groups. Affinity content is key to our success and connects us to viewers with similar interests, so they feel part of something more.

By leveraging a ready made audience and established series across media channels, we are able to increase awareness, receptiveness and affinity to your brand. Our global partnerships and extensive network of influencers ensure extended reach to new communities, positive outcomes and value for money return on your investment. For us, it’s simply one world.

Our Affinity Groups

Ours is an unparalleled choice of affinity groups and ready made audiences. Its a community of shared perspectives and ideas that bring people together into a common place of understanding and social tolerance

Travel Lovers

Fitness Buffs


Talk Shows Fans



Bringing Your Partnership To Life

When you partner with a series, you’ll want to make the most of every opportunity. So, we’ll strike a third-party deal to help you bring your campaign to life both on screen and in the real world. Depending on your needs, we can grant you the rights to promote the campaign across your social media accounts, in-store, shop displays, as well as provide you with exclusive prizes and behind the scenes content.

There’s also the option to be creative with program flyers, logos, sets, images, and locations to ensure the link between your brand and the subject of your sponsorship is as strong as possible. We even ensure partner logos are place on our loyalty bulletins and photo cards for added value! Licensing not only fuels conversation and drives engagement, but also boosts brand association and awareness.